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The Sandra A. Daugherty Foundation was a family foundation created in 2001 as a tribute to Dr. Daugherty’s research skills, her joy at mentoring young faculty and medical students, and her humanism as a physician. The Foundation supported:

·         the development of community-based clinical research and educational programs in the area of cardiovascular epidemiology and/or prevention and

·         excellence in the teaching of science and medicine.

Today, the Sandra A. Daugherty Fund belongs to the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund and supports community-based programs in the local communities where Fund directors live and work.  Grants are made on an invited basis only.

On-going donations to the University of Kansas, Dr. Daugherty’s alma mater, include support for the Sandra Keller Daugherty Fund, to enhance the Choral program and to support graduate students, and for the School of Medicine, to support scholarships and the rural health program.


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