Sarah de Ferranti, MD, MPH

            Better understanding of the role of inflammation in atherosclerotic risk in children is the career goal of Dr. Sarah de Ferranti. Her clinical work centers on the evaluation and treatment of children at risk for early atherosclerosis.

            Director of the Preventive Cardiology Clinic at Children’s Hospital Boston, Dr. de Ferranti is pursuing the identification of tools that can refine risk prediction in childhood of early atherosclerosis in adulthood.

            Born in Newport, Vermont, in 1968, she earned her medical degree and MPH from Tufts University, Boston. Her BA degree in social science focused on international development.

            The focus of her current work is a randomized trial of two nutritional treatments of overweight adolescents with cardiovascular risk factors, including effects on inflammation, oxidative stress and vascular function. This is supported by K23 funding from NHLBI.

            In her SADF-funded research, Dr. de Ferranti describes children with and without family history of early atherosclerosis and their inflammatory profiles. Her research finds no relationship between family history of early atherosclerosis and inflammatory profiles of children or their parent. Also, no relationship was found between inflammatory profiles and lipid profiles in either group, child or parent. Subsequent analysis has revealed that the relationships may, however, be present based on obesity.

            She and her husband are raising three young children, in Newton, Massachusetts.

Email: Sarah.DeFerranti@CARDIO.CHBOSTON.ORG

Phone: 617-355-0955

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