Lisa de las Fuentes, MD, MS

††††††††††† Identifying predictors of cardiovascular disease, as well as potential therapeutic interventions for the treatment of this prevalent disease, are among the continuing and future goals of Dr. Lisa de las Fuentes.

††††††††††† She is investigating the molecular and genetic mediators of cardiovascular disease phenotypes, with an emphasis on the role played by myocardial metabolism and inflammation on hypertensive heart disease traits.

††††††††††† She currently serves as assistant professor of medicine and co-director of the Cardiovascular Imaging and Clinical Research Core Laboratory at Washington University of School of Medicine in Saint Louis, Missouri.

††††††††††† After earning her medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, she completed her medical internship and residency there. She completed her clinical and research cardiology fellowship and earned her masterís degree in genetic epidemiology, both at Washington University.

††††††††††† For her SADF-funded research, Dr. de las Fuentes is conducting genotype-phenotype association study of common genetic variations on the hypertensive and left ventricular hypertrophic phenotypes.††††††††

††††††††††† She also has received funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundationís Amos Medical Faculty Development Program, as well as from the NIH, in the form of a KL2 multidisciplinary career award and an R21 exploratory/developmental grant.

††††††††††† Born in California in 1969, she resides in St. Louis with her husband, Murali Chakinala, MD, and their two sons.



Phone: 314-362-1076

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